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Project initiated on: 06.09.2023

Romanian citizens have obligations but also rights towards the state. So does the Romanian state towards its citizens. The state has the instruments and the power to force citizens to respect their obligations, but citizens have no power when the state does not respect its obligations towards them or does not respect their rights.

A first step in approving and setting the amount of money allocated to Romania through the NRRP was to establish the objectives/targets and reforms to be achieved through EU funding, in line with EU standards and conditions.

The duration of the project: July 1, 2022 to 2030

The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) is launching a project to monitor Romania's National Sustainable Development Strategy 2030.
Once the Romanian Government has approved the completion of the National Strategy for the Sustainable Development of Romania 2030, FACIAS will monitor the implementation of the plan to ensure that all proposed targets are met and that they will be achieved in a fully transparent and fair manner.

proiecte in derulare facias, Proiecte în derulare, FACIAS

In 2017, FACIAS referred the matter to the Prosecutor's Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice regarding the possible commission of the offence of abuse of office by the representatives of the Ciolos government, through the adoption of Government Decision no. 906/2016 on the approval of the circumstances and specific procedures related to the "Multifunctional Corvette" strategic armament programme.

FACIAS will carry out the project "Romanian patient - fair laws and maximum transparency" for a period of one year, with the possibility of extension, a project that will aim to ensure unrestricted access of patients to the health system, to fair laws, in their service, to their correct and transparent application, and the removal of abuses in the field.
The duration of the project: 2018-2023

FACIAS was examined with respect to non-compliance with the principle of random distribution of cases with respect to the appointment of judges in cases where it appeared the incident, procedural, and asked the court to annul the article. 111, par. 3 Hot 1375/2015

The duration of the project: march, 2022 December 2022

Over the past 10 years, there has been weak in many human tragedies caused by the justice system so stiff, or similar to the binomial in SRI-MS, in order that the protocols have been beyond the letter of the law, and the protection of their own interest, the high officials are in ”the tactical edge” of the primacy of the principle of finding out the truth.

The duration of the project: MAY 2022 until December 2022

The project follows a series of changes to the legislation to ensure the right of citizens to receive their claims, which you have against the State, in the same manner as the State-run citizens, in the event that they have no debts to the state budget

The more than seven million doses of vaccines and anti-Covid in the deposit, which is due to expire in the next few years.

The duration of the project: march 2022 December 2022

Go to the abuses committed by the state on its citizens it's opened up so many times a legislation is ambiguousconfused or contradictory.

The foundation for the protection of the Citizens Against the Abuse of State started a campaign of awareness about the waste of public money by the government.

One of the hardest lessons of the last 30 years has been to learn that the Romanian state is, at best, a poor administrator. The rule is that the "efficiency" of the state is only really visible when we think about how public money is wasted and squandered.

The duration of the project: 2022-2023

The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) signaling, a phenomenon that has intensified in the past few years and the passivity of the Romanian state, in relation to the recovery of the people responsible for the amount of money paid in compensation and fines as a result of the decisions of the ECTHR and the CJEU.

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