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We are on the side of the citizen. Submit your issue to FACIAS!

The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) is carrying out an important information and awareness campaign on the rights of Romanian citizens.  

Entitled "It's my right", the FACIAS campaign aims to become a useful tool for any Romanian who finds his or her fundamental rights violated. Here's how we do it:

Step 1: Identifying the Problem

Let's imagine that Stefan has a problem with a public authority that he cannot solve alone. His problem is one of the following: he is waiting for a response from a public authority that has long since exceeded the legal deadline, he is deprived of a right by a public authority due to negligence, incompetence or ill will of state employees, the rights of a socio-professional category of which Stefan is a member are being violated, he has found that the public authority is not doing the job it is paid to do, or he is outraged by general issues affecting the whole community such as special pensions.

Step 2: Gathering data, formulating the problem

Let's imagine that Stefan has one of the problems listed, or a similar one. He is now thinking of taking action to get the authority to do the right thing, but he runs up against an opaque bureaucratic system and consequently feels alone and discouraged. But Stefan is an informed citizen, he has heard about the FACIAS "It's my right" campaign and feels that all is not lost. So he formulates his problem in full detail and emails it to  [email protected].

Step 3: Problem analysis and battle strategy

Let's imagine that Stefan has already sent details of his problem with the public authorities on the FACIAS campaign email "It's my right" - [email protected]. Once at FACIAS, Stefan's problem is taken up by a FACIAS specialist who analyses it from a civic perspective, i.e. he finds out whether Stefan's problem fits into the campaign's objectives and is not strictly personal. The FACIAS specialist refers the matter to the legal department for information on the most effective way to resolve the problem.

Step 4: The fight

Let's imagine that Stefan's problem was analysed and it was determined that civic and legal action should be taken. So FACIAS takes up Stefan's problem, popularises it, brings it to the attention of the public authority that has to solve it or addresses it to a higher forum. If that authority is not responsive within the legal deadline to this first FACIAS approach, the problem becomes the subject of a petition to the courts, in which FACIAS will try to obtain justice for Stefan.

Step 5: Resolution

Let's imagine that Stefan's problem generated a civil lawsuit that was won by FACIAS, or FACIAS's prior complaint to the authorities prompted state employees to do their job. In this scenario Stefan's problem is solved and we could draw two conclusions: Stefan has shown civic involvement and acted intelligently, taking one of the most powerful civic organizations in Romania on his side and FACIAS has once again made a point in the sense of its mission to be on the side of the citizen.

All clear so far? We look forward to your messages to [email protected] and we invite you to be part of our community in the Facebook group : Fight against state abuses! (



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