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The Foundation for the Defense of Citizens Against State Abuses was founded out of a desire to support any citizen who has suffered abuse or injustice at the hands of state institutions. We are therefore a non-governmental organisation with a mission dedicated exclusively to citizens and the defence of their fundamental rights and freedoms. We also believe that the prevention of injustice supports the good work of a democratic society.

We have been supporting Romanians for over 14 years.

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We are a team that fights without hesitation for the rights of all Romanian citizens. We have a well-defined goal and use our experience, skills, abilities, knowledge of law and enthusiasm to achieve it. We are responsible and firm in supporting those who use FACIAS services offered free of charge to the population.

We support both petitioning activities on behalf of the citizen and the Foundation, as a representative of civil society, and legal advice activities in situations that require such help: confirming the abusive nature of state action, identifying the rules that are violated, identifying the means of challenge, petition and appeal, as well as monitoring the feedback of the institutions referred.

Why join our team?

We make a contribution to changing tomorrow's society for the better. We invest in the people who become our colleagues and define their skills. We encourage free expression and initiatives that we put into practice together. Through our activities, we support the innovative spirit in increasing the quality of life and eliminating state abuses that can hinder this process.

We only grow together.

What you need to have?


It is one of the few infinite resources we can use. We need your enthusiasm to revitalise society.


And when we refer to "trust", we feel compelled to say that it must be shared. The foundation of our unbeatable team is based on virtues that must inspire citizens in need.


In the fight against state abuses, we will not always encounter the most sincere and friendly behaviour.

As a result, by following our path uninterruptedly, we can combat acid reactions with sober characters who act on behalf of those who turn to us.

Common Values

We are guided by ethical and legal principles. Fairness, together with the spirit of justice, constantly motivates us to be at the side of Romanian citizens.


What does this post entail?

The team FACIAS welcomes and encourages the students in the related fields of Marketing: Public Relations, Communication, Advertising and Journalism, to apply for the Internship is paid, first released in that period of time.

The duration of the Internship is 3 months old, with all the opportunities of the extension, as well as employment opportunities, in the Department of Communication of the FACIAS.

What are you supposed to do? Please send your CV to the following address: [email protected]. Later on, we're going to discuss the various aspects of the program. Waiting for any kind of RESUME. The more creative, the more fun for us.

We are one of the most valuable resources to the excitement of it.

The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) through its activity, seeks to ensure transparency as a principle of democracy and the rule of law in the functioning of state institutions and defends the rights of Romanian citizens.

Since its establishment in 2008 until the present, we're taking the necessary steps to prevent and combat the abuse of power, and we engage on behalf of the communities and the people who are affected in their rights, the competent authorities of the state.


Duties and responsibilities:

cariere facias, Cariere, FACIAS

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