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Hello! Depending on the nature of the abuse committed by public officials you can file:

- If the civil servant behaves improperly, we can complain to the head of the public authority where the civil servant works or to the disciplinary committee of the public authority or institution or, where appropriate, to the committee organised for the public authority or institution where the civil servant works. 

- If the institution unjustifiably refuses to provide certain information of public interest, we can lodge an administrative complaint with the head of the authority or public institution concerned within 30 days of the person concerned becoming aware of it. This provision is governed by Article 21 of Law 544/2001 on free access to information of public interest.

- If the institution unjustifiably refuses to issue us an administrative act of an individual nature (e.g. building permit), in this case we can appeal to the administrative court. A guide to the procedure we have to follow can be found here:

Hello! According to Article 488 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, if more than one year has passed since the start of the criminal prosecution, you can lodge an appeal regarding the duration of the criminal prosecution.

The appeal must be lodged with the judge of rights and freedoms at the competent court.

Hello! If the acts of corruption that you have witnessed or been a victim of, or of which you are aware, are committed by judges, you must report them to the public prosecutor and not to the police.

Any person may also refer to the Superior Council of Magistracy, directly or through the heads of courts or public prosecutors' offices, the improper activity or conduct of judges or prosecutors, the violation of professional obligations in relations with the public or the commission of disciplinary offences by them.

Hello! You can make a prior complaint in order to be issued with a building permit. The prior complaint must be submitted in writing in a form that provides proof of registration or only proof of receipt within 30 days of the date of notification. Ideally, the request should be filed directly with the public authority's registrar with a request to receive a copy with the registration number and date on it. If you have not received a reply from the authority to which you have submitted the application, you will have to attach a copy of the application certified by the number and date of registration with the public authority to the administrative proceedings, as a simple copy without the registration number and date cannot be taken into account by the court.

Hello! Make a request to the town hall, there are certainly standard documents. If not, you can request them through the courts, i.e. court action. Submit 2 applications, one of which must be stamped with a visa, so that you have proof in court that there have been steps taken.

Wait 30 days from the date of filing, and if you don't hear back within 30 days, you can file a lawsuit.

If the owner of the energy card is a different person from the person to whom the energy bill was issued, then the place of consumption on the energy bill is also different from the owner's address on the energy card. 

In these situations, if the address on the card and on the invoice are different, payment cannot be made as the legal conditions are not met.

If the beneficiary wishes to make the payment at the address mentioned on the invoice, he/she must clarify his/her housing situation by establishing residence at the address he/she wants and then the eligibility conditions at the new place of consumption will be checked. Depending on the results of the verification, a card will be issued for the new place of consumption, but payments can be made from the 2nd instalment onwards. 

For further information contact: 0319966

Hello! Even if there are no more funds, if you are an asymptomatic adult aged 40 and over, you will only have one or more of the following tests (as recommended by your doctor): complete blood count, blood pressure, blood glucose, total serum cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, serum creatinine, PSA in men, TSH and FT4 in women. 

Hello! In this case you can dispute the invoice with the supplier. If you are not satisfied with the response (a standard response we get is that we are informed that they have checked, the bill is correct, but they give us the option to pay in instalments), you can appeal to ANRE and ANPC. If you are unhappy with the answers from ANRE and the Consumer Protection Agency (ANPC), you can appeal in court. 

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