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    The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Health, urgently requesting the publication of implementing rules for Law No 65 of 22 March 2022, which regulates mobile health care. On Tuesday, 16 January 2024, the first deadline in this lawsuit in which FACIAS is fighting for equal access to healthcare for all Romanians takes place.

    Specifically, the law aims to provide mobile health services in areas with poor health service coverage for prevention and prophylaxis, screening of the most prevalent medical conditions, regular general and specialist medical check-ups and home delivery of medicines from national health programmes. The law should have been implemented by 09.05.2022. FACIAS finds it outrageous that even after almost 2 years these have not been drafted, so we have sued the Ministry of Health! The statistics currently existing at the Ministry are extremely worrying. In more than 300 localities there is not even a family doctor, thus depriving 559,611 Romanians of basic health care. Young children, the elderly, people in need have to walk long distances to receive a basic consultation or a prescription.


    The Ministry of Health has acknowledged that 376 family doctors are needed to cover these underserved areas. However, despite complaining that there are not enough family doctors, the Ministry of Health representatives have been delaying for 2 years to develop rules for mobile health care. Medical caravans, proposed by law, could increase access to essential medical services, providing prevention, prophylaxis, and access to treatment.

    FACIAS stresses the importance of urgency in the rule-making process, given the critical need for healthcare in these communities. This initiative is essential to improve the health status and access to health care for Romanian citizens in disadvantaged areas.


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