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    The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) calls on the Ministry of Health to urgently send the inspection corps to investigate the allegations made by Dr. Adrian Cătinean in a Facebook post. According to the allegations, a person died in the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Timisoara due to improper treatment. FACIAS calls for those responsible for possible non-compliance with medical procedures to be held accountable if the allegations are true.

    In a social media post, Dr Cătinean describes the tragic experience of a patient who, despite severe symptoms and rapidly worsening health, received inadequate medical care and died as a result of a chain of medical errors at the Dr Victor Babeș Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases and Pneumophthisiology in Timișoara. This tragedy highlights systemic problems and incompetence in the Romanian health system, which Dr Cătinean describes as "demonic".

    In the tragic case reported by Dr Adrian Cătinean, the situation was made worse by a series of medical negligences. The patient was initially taken to the emergency care unit of the "Pius Brînzeu" Emergency Clinical County Hospital in Timișoara, where they did a quick test and determined that the patient had A flu. The patient was also given a CT-thoracic scan, without the use of contrast material. She then spent the night on a bed rest in the UPU, urinary unsustained, without anyone giving her effective antibiotic treatment for the pneumonic process that was described by the native CT-thoracic. "Poor and innocent Mrs Florica, is one of the countless victims, who are unjustly condemned by the demonic medical system in Romania, to a premature death with absolutely no chance of recourse," says, outraged, Dr Cătinean.


    FACIAS is deeply concerned about this case and the many other similar reports coming to us. We call on the Ministry of Health to investigate this case and take immediate action to ensure that such incidents do not happen again. This raises serious concerns about the quality of healthcare in Romania and the way in which medical emergencies are handled. FACIAS believes that this case is not isolated, but reflects a systemic problem that requires rapid and effective intervention by the authorities.

    FACIAS expresses its solidarity with the victim's family and reaffirms its commitment to protect the rights of citizens and to promote a medical system that prioritises the health and safety of patients.

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