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    After The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) sued the Ministry of Education for refusing to disclose the situation of non-compliant schools, suddenly, ministry representatives began to count and sent us a response. Although it includes information only about 3 out of the 8 requested aspects, it's enough to draw a clear conclusion: Romanian students are in constant danger every day! At least 60% of the schools they attend are non-compliant.

    FACIAS sent eight questions to the Ministry of Education, asking about the number of schools with toilets in the yard, the ones without DSP or ISU authorization, those still heating with wood fire, schools where students lack any heating source and suffer from cold in winter, the number needing renovation and proper equipment, schools renovated or newly built in 2023, and overcrowded schools. These eight clear questions should have unveiled the complete picture of Romania's educational infrastructure. Initially, the ministry ignored our requests, but after suing them, they sent a response. In paraphrasing, 'they needed to be sued to start counting.' Even so, the ministry provided information for only 3 out of the 8 inquiries. From their response, it is clear that Romania's school infrastructure is in a dire state. Out of the total 10685 buildings managed by educational units, 6.491 operate without ISU authorization, and 3.131 don't even have sanitary operating permits. Specifically, at least 60% of the spaces where Romanian students learn pose a danger to them.


    The third question the Ministry of Education responded to was regarding the situation of sanitary facilities located in the yard, without running water and sewage. The famous outdoor toilets that have been extensively discussed in recent years. Well, according to the received response, in 189 schools, students are still forced to use outdoor toilets even during winters with extreme temperatures and wash with water close to freezing. In 2023, with dozens of super-rapid modular construction solutions available, can't solutions be found so that these children can benefit from decent conditions?


    În ciuda răspunsului primit, FACIAS consideră revoltător faptul că Ministerul Educației nu are date esențiale despre infrastructura școlară și condițiile în care învață milioanele de elevi, iar pentru 5 din cele 8 întrebări nu are răspunsuri. Ministerul nu știe în câte școli elevii se încălzesc cu lemne, nu știe nici măcar în câte școli nu există nicio sursă de încălzire, în câte școli lipsesc dotările de bază pentru un act educațional decent sau în câte școli elevii învață în 3 schimburi, cu ore și pauze scurtate, din cauza capacității depășite a unității de învățământ. Ce așteptări de îmbunătățire a infrastructurii educaționale există din moment ce nu cunoști situația concretă. Cum poți îmbunătăți ceva ce nu cunoști?

These are questions that the Romanian state urgently needs to answer! And immediately after the answers, actions to remedy the existing situations should begin!


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