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Data: 01.11.2023

The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) has sued the Romanian Government for its indifference in dealing with the Youth Law, a piece of legislation issued in 2006 but which has no impact on young people in Romania because, 17 years later, there are still no implementing rules. Although the legal obligation stipulates 60 days for their drafting, the Government has not issued them even after 6000.

Government indifference sends a disappointing message: young people, the future of this country, are not a priority. The provisions of this law, such as encouraging young people's entrepreneurial initiatives, supporting their training by organising free introductory courses in management and business administration, tax breaks or incentives for the companies they set up, are essential to implement both to support young people and Romania's economy. The lack of implementing rules means that these provisions remain only on paper. Thus, entire generations are left without the necessary legislative tools to develop and actively contribute to Romanian society. Why is this happening? Is it due to indolence, incompetence or bad faith? We do not know. FACIAS sought answers from the Government, but as our appeals received no response, we decided to get them in court!

Impact on young people and Romanian society

The lack of implementation of this law, designed specifically to support young people in their professional and personal development, has a significant negative impact. One of the main pillars of the law concerns the encouragement of youth entrepreneurship. By not implementing this provision, countless opportunities for innovation and economic development are lost. Young Romanians have the potential to be the engines of an emerging economy, such as Romania, but they are left without the resources and support needed to realise their dreams and businesses.

FACIAS, as a representative of citizens' interests and as a defender of their rights, expects from the Romanian Government not only a response, but also concrete actions to redress this situation.

FACIAS Press Office

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