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The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) comes to assist citizens who have been damaged by Romania's poor road infrastructure and provides them with a model of a compensation notice, through which they can obtain compensation to cover the damage caused. This initiative is part of FACIAS's "It's your right" campaign.

Have you ever felt that a simple car journey turns into a real obstacle course? The poor state of road infrastructure is not only annoying, but also costly for drivers. What's more, the millions of potholes on Romania's roads are extremely dangerous for road users. Does anyone pay for the thousands of breakdowns that occur daily on the country's roads? They should. In reality, however, an overwhelming proportion of the cost of repairs is carried by drivers. This is one of the most common abuses that Romanians report to FACIAS. Who is responsible for this? Few know that they can notify the road manager to obtain compensation and then take the road manager to court to recover damages if the road manager refuses to pay following notification. In this context, FACIAS is helping drivers by providing them with a template for a compensation notice and a template for a claim in case the institution does not cover the damage voluntarily.

Why it is necessary to recover the damage

By law, the road administrator is responsible for maintaining the roads and marking them properly. The road administrator can be the town hall, the local/county council/General Council of Bucharest or the National Road Infrastructure Management Company (CNAIR). If you have suffered damage due to the poor condition of the road and you want the responsible parties to pay, you can use the model provided by FACIAS to claim for the damage suffered, which can be proven with documents such as: service report, repair estimate, tax invoices, tax receipts, transport costs, etc.., photographs from the scene of the incident showing both the bump/groove in the road and the damage to the car may also be attached.

Background worth tens of thousands of euros

In August last year, a man from Ialomita got 25,000 euros from CNAIR after his car ended up in a ditch because of a huge crater on the Fetești-Chirana national road, an accident that put him in hospital. And this is not the only case reported in the press. In 2022, a motorcyclist won material and moral damages in court from the Alba Local Roads and Bridges Company, with sole shareholder Alba County Council, after he fell on his motorcycle also because of a pothole in the road.

Through the "It's my right" campaign, FACIAS wants to become a useful tool for any Romanian who finds that his/her fundamental rights are violated.

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