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Data: 09.11.2023

    The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) has sued the Ministry of Health for lack of transparency in the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines, and tomorrow, 10.11.2023, the court has set the first court date. The action is part of the FACIAS campaign - "RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY", which came to the aid of Romanians who have suffered as a result of vaccination against Covid-19.

    FACIAS has repeatedly drawn attention to the lack of accountability of the Ministry of Health, both with regard to the dubious purchases in the pandemic, but also with regard to the adverse reactions that affected the vaccinated people, kept secret by the Ministry representatives. FACIAS has sent several requests for clarification of the situations reported, including asking the state to publish the contracts that included the risks and that were illegally secreted, and the response of the Ministry of Health was striking: the contracts do not exist. A defiance of public opinion and especially of the citizens affected by the reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine. Under these circumstances, we sued the Ministry, and tomorrow, 10.11.2023, we have the first term!

DNA was notified

    In addition to the court action, FACIAS also referred the matter to National Anti-Fraud Directorate (DNA). Although the official documents of the Romanian Government clearly show the existence of four contracts signed with manufacturers with whom the European Commission has concluded Purchase Agreements, officials of the Ministry of Health have attested that these contracts do not exist. Thus, the denial of the existence of the four contracts in the official letter sent to FACIAS means that the persons who signed the letter misinformed and distorted the reality. FACIAS has therefore referred the matter to DNA for the offence of intellectual fraud.

Campaign for accountability

    Given that the problem of the adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines in the European Union is becoming more and more widespread, FACIAS has launched the "RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY" campaign to provide support and information to people who have suffered medically, morally and financially as a result of Covid-19 vaccination, so that these Romanians have the chance to receive compensation from the responsible parties for the damages they have suffered.

    FACIAS insists on the importance of transparency in the use of state resources and respect for the public's right to information on government decisions that directly affect their health.

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