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Data: 06.11.2023

The Foundation For The Defense Of Citizens Against State Abuses (FACIAS) has sued the Ministry of Education for not issuing the Minister's order on the establishment of criteria for granting state support to investors for the construction of private student dormitories. This 2006 law cannot be applied even now in 2023 and has caused significant damage both to the private business environment and to entire generations of students.

Law 201/2006 aims to provide state support to stimulate investors in building private student hostels. However, investors have been waiting almost 20 years for this support. But this is not just a help for business. Young students are the direct beneficiaries of this support, which underlines the need for effective implementation of this law to guarantee their rights. The lack of implementation of the criteria for granting state aid delays the construction of new dormitories, thus limiting the accommodation options for young students. This can lead to higher accommodation costs, lower quality or even the impossibility of finding suitable space in crowded university areas. Moreover, without clear criteria, investors are reluctant to initiate new construction projects, depriving them of the opportunity to contribute to the development of educational infrastructure and to benefit from the incentives provided by law. In this context FACIAS has decided to take the Ministry to court to make it comply with the law, even so many years after the law was initiated.

Educational infrastructure conditions reflect academic performance

FACIAS asserts its essential role in protecting the interests and rights of citizens against abusive or harmful actions of the Romanian state. We call on the Ministry of Education to act swiftly and in the interests of students, investors and Romanian society as a whole, ensuring the correct application of the law. This can pave the way for a modern and accessible educational infrastructure, an important element in the learning and development process of young people for a change reflected in the quality of student life, but also contributing to the increase of academic performance at national level.


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